BRUCE GERRISH-Live Appearances



The Shinolas- October 24th, 2015- Big Rock Urban- Brewery/Pub


The Shinolas- October 29th, 2015- The Sylvia Hotel Lounge



Bruce Gerrish & Pat Coventon, Nov. 7th, 2015 The Revel Room 


The Shinolas- November 12th, 2015- Upper Deck Kitchen and Taphouse


The Shinolas- November 28th, 2015- Big Rock Urban- Brewery/Pub



The Shinolas- December 10th, 2015- Upper Deck Kitchen and Taphouse


The Shinolas- December 19th, 2015- Big Rock Urban- Brewery/ Pub



The Shinolas- January 13th, 2016- The Sylvia Hotel Lounge

November 7th. 2015


Billing themselves as the long lost heirs of the Shinola Shoe Polish dynasty, The Shinolas music has an eclectic "good-time" feel that combines elements of Texas Swing, Rootsy-Blues, Gospel, Folk,  Cajun, R&B, Vintage Jazz, Bluegrass and Old-time Country. With catchy original songs and unique remakes of obscure gems, the group’s style and instrumentation is first rate and their stage performance abundantly fun.

The Winin' Boys, (named from Jellyroll Morton's "Winin’ Boy Blues”) features Bruce Gerrish, Dave Quinn and Sam Schoichet playing an eclectic combination of authentic New Orleans Jazz, Blues and New Orleans Rhythm and Blues. Their charismatic stage presence, vocals and musicianship offer a lively fun-filled evening that is guaranteed to create instant authentic atmosphere in any venue.

Bruce Gerrish and Pat Covernton 


Bruce Gerrish-  Guitar & Vocals 

Bruce performs his own unique brand of catchy, curious and heartfelt songs that are a seamless combination of Roots, Blues, Folk, New Orleans Boogie, Texas Swing and sincere ballads.


Pat Covernton- Piano and Vocals  

Pat was born to radiate the 88’s with his unique style and and inspired solos.


This is a "live" video montage of The Hopeless Romantics (Bruce Gerrish and Blaine Dunaway)

from a recent live performance at STUDIO LIVE in Cumberland, B.C. using a three cameras and an automated switchers.

Contact:  604-346-6614

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